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Kolodny Designs was founded by Steven Kolodny in 1975 to showcase his unique jewelry designs. Three years later, when Susan M. Gallagher began an apprenticeship and stayed on pursuing her own unique interpretations, Kolodny-Gallagher was formed. Together they produce, entirely by hand, every piece of jewelry they sell. The materials they use to make their jewelry are as varied as the techniques they use. The jewelry is primarily made out of 14 and 18 Karat Gold and occasionally Sterling Silver. Their creations utilize several unusual combinations of gemstones, pearls or fossils. Steven, in addition to being a master Goldsmith, is also an accomplished stone cutter frequently cutting many of his own stones.

A science background and love of the unusual lead Steven to collect many rare and unusual fossil specimens. When ever possible Steven visits Fossil quarries, mineral deposits, and mining operations. Together with Susan they have created a signature collection of jewelry, utilizing fossils in gold settings with diamonds and other precious gems. The " Ancient Visions " collection has won critical acclaim, been featured in national publications, and been exhibited at the NY State Museum. The collection is an ongoing, evolving project.

Both Steven and Susan are exploring the use of three-dimensional hollow constructed forms. The process, known as Hollow Shell construction, involves raising forms from flat sheet metal on stakes using hammers and joining the pieces with invisible seams to form hollow three dimensional shapes. This very meticulous, labor intensive method has lead to new designs previously unwearable as jewelry. The hollowed pieces are sculptural in nature and tend to transcend their small scale.

Steven integrates new technologies and techniques with his traditional forming practices. Two of these new methods are roller embossing and Hydraulic die Forming. These new techniques have enabled Steven to add many new surface finishes to his metal which give his work a unique three dimensional feel. Steven also uses acid washes to produce subtle color variations from the same piece of Gold.

Susan's recent signature work explores hammer texturing and simultaneously raising in metal. She combines this technique with traditional fabrication skills to produce work that has an organic feeling to it. Many of her hammer-raised forms take on flower like effects. Susan integrates these organic shapes with clean edged architectural elements in bold contrast for a unique effect. She also experiments with coloring gold.

These new approaches to jewelry making have fueled creative energies with new ideas and added yet another layer of detail and contrast that has become the Kolodny-Gallagher hallmark.

Steven H. Kolodny - Education

BFA SUNY at Plattsburgh 1973 with concentrations in Sculpture and Jewelry making
Graduate Gemologist- Gemological Institute of America, 1979
Member of the Society of North American Goldsmiths since 1982
Taught jewelry making at SUNY Albany 1985
Commencement of Business 1975







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